Short Escapes is run by two Australian sisters, who between themselves have travelled and lived all over the globe, from sunny Queensland to the Himalayas of Northern India as well as New Zealand, Japan and Europe. They have handpicked a team of insiders who have the type of local knowledge that will enrich your short escape and take you well of the beaten path.

Sharon Thrupp

Sharon’s life has been consumed by travel. She got her first insider experience travelling in her home country of Australia, and after a taste of life on the road she set off further afield and spent many years living and working in New Zealand, England and Scotland.

Sharon then spent several years volunteering in the Himalayas – both in a village in Nepal and in Dharamsala, India; the home of the Dalai Lama. It was in Dharamsala that Sharon started her first travel business – she was an insider in India and wanted to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Nowadays Sharon splits her time between India and Australia, and continues to share of vision of life as an insider through her travel businesses.

‘One of the things about being an Insider is that it creates lifelong memories of the people you meet along the way and the places you bond with. These are the experiences that help you delve deeper into another destination and create the memories that will last for a lifetime.’

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Robyn Moller

Robyn is a lifelong lover of travel and new experiences. She lives in Australia and has travelled extensively throughout her home county. Robyn has also spent time in Europe, Canada, Nepal, India, Thailand and New Zealand. She craves those unique travel experiences that only occur when you are able to get up close and personal with your chosen destination.

As a wife and mother she values the importance of meaningful travel that enriches an individual’s life – and also understands how time consuming this kind of travel can be to organise. That’s why she started Short Escapes – to share her insider experience and to connect others with hidden local gems and handpicked local guides.

‘It’s amazing how it’s often the small out of the way places and experiences that live in your memories the most. It’s experiencing the local culture and having that local knowledge that makes a trip truly memorable. Its these experiences that I hope I can bring to you on your Short Escape.’

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Our handpicked Local Guides

Vikas Kumar

Vikas Kumar is our insider in India. He is the tour manager and one of the directors of our local agent for India, Ekno Travels.

Vikas was born in and still lives in Naddi – a small, picturesque village above Dharamsala in the foothills of the Himalayas. He is passionate about the area and has worked as a trekking guide in the Himalayan region, covering Dharamsala to Ladakh, since leaving school. He completed his tertiary education part time whilst working as a guide.

Since then he has taken groups (mainly from Australia) throughout India and Nepal. He continues to be fascinated by his beloved India, sometimes travelling the length and breadth of the country in one season. Vikas’ gentle nature combined with his local networks and understanding make him the perfect insider to ensure the safety and well being of any traveller to India.

Sharon Thrupp

Robyn Moller

Vikas Kumar

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