Hi I’m Robyn.

I am a lover of travel and new experiences. I grew up in South West Queensland and as a child certainly didn’t experience a great deal of travel but the few trips I did take will live forever in my memories. I remember driving all the was from Roma to Port Augusta with my mother and a friend of hers. Taking in sites like Bourke, Coober Pedy, and a small town called Quorn along the way. I remember a trip to Sydney to meet my cousins, which included a visit to the Sydney Opera House where I slid down the walls and wrecked my pants. I remember the blue and purple hues of the Blue Mountains and the eerie rock formations of the Jenolan Caves. These trips opened my mind and a love of travel was born.

As a young adult I travelled to England and Europe. I was travelling alone and as this was my first overseas trip I did the large bus tour through Europe. As memorable and wonderful as it was, I never went back to this type of travel again. What lives in my memory was my time in England, catching up with the family of friends back in Oz. I remember a friend taking me trekking through the magnificent Lakes District (little did I know he was a volunteer park ranger), experiencing mulled wine next to a warming fireplace and exploring some lesser known areas. All of these are experiences I wouldn’t have had without insider knowledge.

Another trip that lives strongly in my memories is a visit to Nepal while my sister Sharon was volunteering in a small village called Thimi. Having lived in Nepal for 6 months with a Nepali family she was able to show me places and experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Sharon and I then travelled onto India, which is a whole other story!

As a wife and mother I am constantly dragging my family on short escapes that I think will give my son wonderful memories to look back on (even if he doesn’t agree with me at the time!). As a family we have explored Palm Cove and the Atherton tablelands, climbed Mount Kosciuszko, visited the Sydney Opera House (my son’s memory of this will be spraining his ankle on the steps), walked the steep trails of the Blue Mountains, been trout fishing in Victoria, wine tasting throughout Australia, explored Tassie and had many trips to New Zealand – just to name just a few! Our holidays are always varied as my husband loves history and the land (he was a farmer which is how we met), I love nature and the wildness and beauty of the landscape whereas my son, well its all about exciting and new experiences for him. So I do lots of planning and thinking to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

It’s amazing how it’s often the small out of the way places and experiences that live in your memories the most. It’s experiencing the authentic culture and having that local knowledge that makes a trip truly memorable. It’s these experiences that I hope I can bring to you on your Short Escape.